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Glaze: Sometimes all you need is a new perspective!

Laugh. At the odds of your life. Then think. What went wrong? Fix it. But not from the same trail of your philosophies. Out of some 7.5 billion souls on this planet, exactly why do you think your opinion should matter? So talk. Staying in and wandering to another world doesn’t always help. Learn from people because you are privileged so keep up with the pressure of all the fortune provided to you.

If you love money too much, love people too. If you love people too much, think “is it enough to survive?” It is all about achieving the balance. It is all about adjusting the focus when life gets blurry. “It’s all happening”, as Penny Lane says. Struggle only to see it, find it, experience it. Lastly, trust the magic of beginnings.

Size: 8 x 8 Inches

Type: Acrylic