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Reality – Aamdani Atthani, Kharcha Rupaiya!

Remember when we were adolescents and we dreamt of this grand life we knew we shall lead simply because we deserved it? But youth walked right past us and we dreaded time is a fly that’ll fly by. Well, stop. Let’s put an end to this obscurity, shall we? Yes, Life is short and time is the enemy, but only if we let it become one. Our struggle today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow because tomorrow something bigger is waiting for us. Don’t worry about victory, just fight back; fight your struggles for all that it is worth, keep your loved ones close, never forget to be kind, know what is right for you and do it right then and there. You’ll see deforming and forming of your life all at once. Happiness isn’t expensive, it just demands a price.

Size: 4 x 6 Inches

Type: Acrylic